Where is all started

Hi my name is Rhiannon, lucky wife to Stefce & blessed mum to 3 beautiful children, 3 extremely fussy eaters.
We started this family adventure of food2art Kitchen Play to help bring fun and excitement to meal times. In the hopes our children will learn to trust and want to try new foods to help develop a positive, healthy relationship towards food!
We encourage our children to join us in food preparation, washing, cutting, slicing, shaping and stirring to name a few. Sometimes they help prepare for a family meal or snack, and sometimes it’s just for fun! Without pressure or even suggesting to eat the food!



Our Personal Story

Our struggles became apparent shortly after our first child turned one. We

noticed food refusal and texture challenges starting to emerge. Following advise from GP’s and Pediatrician's, We were told to just keep offering foods, that it was phase and he’d grow out of it. We continued to struggle for months which turned into years and as each mealtime became more stressful and horrible to plan for, a huge sadness and feeling of guilt set upon me and my anxiety kicked in. I started to blame myself. My child wasn’t eating like other children his age. Everyone said “if he’s hungry he will eat” or “it’s just a phase, He will grow out of it”. Well... 3 years later! He didn’t. Today I can say he’s getting better with showing interest in more variety but he’s definitely a very picky eater and continues to eat only selected “safe foods” we find it very hard for him to want to try new foods, tastes or textures, Even when it comes to sweets and snacks! 

We started questioning ourselves where and how we went wrong? It was hard to believe this was happening to us. We were what you could call ‘textbook parents’ I’d read all the books and did it just how they said? I followed Doctors and professionals, family and friends advise.

We attended food clinics and completed a nine week SOS feeding class. We also stayed at our local parents support clinic for several nights and still we had no answer on how we would change the way our son related to food. Our son also had a very noticeable tongue tie (since revised) but we were informed it had no impact on his eating. It wasn’t until I repeatedly requested blood tests that we found out our child was now suffering with iron deficiency and was boarder line anemic. As you can imagine this absolutely broke my heart. I felt helpless and alone. But I never gave up!



Being pregnant with our second child we were determined to make things different second time round. I believed with great confidence that things would be different and I even remember making comments like “I couldn’t wait for him to start solids” and that he was going to be a “big eater! And eat everything”

Our second child was born when our first child was only 16months old.

We were set back right from the start with breast refusal and bottle refusal, at 5mths old we were very keen to introduce solids, hoping he would take to them with more excitement, and initially he did! But then shortly after we were struck by a few little set backs such the common cold, croup and other common illnesses. Each meal we started off excited and keen but it wasn’t long before we started noticing that he would become very upset after a few bites and lose interest completely.


Even becoming upset around food altogether. He had such a strong character for such a young age this one!

Pediatrician's medicated him with silent reflux. It was an issue only helped with medication which needed to be added to food and our baby was not interested in more than a mouthful of food. He would then become very upset and refused to take anything orally after at all.

We struggled on for a few more months before we came across an amazing Pediatric Gastroenterologist whom a friend of mine was seeking help for her little boy. This G.I confirmed severe acid reflux and gastric bile reflux. Unfortunately for us, by time we got the help we needed and tried medicine again we were faced with a very anxious child who now had full blown food aversion and sensory issues.


Then....here comes baby number 3! To complete our family.

She was an absolute blessing after having 2 Boys. She took to the breast right away and now at almost 2 I’m still trying to wean her off! 

You can probably imagine my anxiety when it came to her starting solids.

I can say she’s definitely a ‘better’ eater. She eats small portions, can be fussy but overall is good most of the time. She will always pinch food of her Daddy’s plate and never lets him enjoy a pack of chips to himself 🙊